Wainwright Rufus

Wainwright Rufus - Damned Ladies lyrics

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Desdemona do not go to sleep

Brown-eyed Tosca don't believe the creep

I see it in his eyes


And why don't you ladies

Believe me when I'm screaming

I always believe you

Violetta keep your man locked up

Or like Cio-Cio you will end up

Burned by love or sickness


There is a knock at the door, tell me it's not Mimi again

Or is it Gilda's waiting passion to be stabbed and killed again

Katya Kabanova, why did you marry him?

You knew his mother was a bitch and would keep hold of him

Oh Pamina got away from mama

Before the age of Rambo Opera

Damned ladies of Orpheus

Your arias cause a stir in my sad

Sad and lonely heart

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