Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen - Who I Am lyrics

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I love to watch the sunset as it fades behind the trees

Love to talk with god and you down upon my knees

I love the times I spend with my family and friends

Love to dream about all the places I’ve never been

And I love to watch you laugh and smile, I love to watch you dream

Love it when you take my hand just to let me know you believe in me

And I love it that you’re my girl, I love that I’m your man

Now that you’re in my life Baby I know exactly who I am

I know I love the ladies, I love to go out at night

I love it how we make up each and every time that we fight

I love you oh so very much, love you more than words can sayy

And I don’t know how or why but I love you more every day


Instrumental break


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