Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen - Walkin' Shoes lyrics

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(feat. Brandon Rhyder)

If you keep walking in circles, you’re gonna fall through the floor

And this old hardwood, can’t stand much more

I can’t make you stay, and I won’t make you go

Are those the same walking shoes, you’ve worn before


Oh your walking shoes, they’re looking pretty worn

But don’t worry darlin, I’ll buy you some more

I can see your toes, and there’s a hole in your soul

Oh your walking shoes, they’re looking worn

I remember the day, that you brought ‘em home

How you pranced around like a kid, when you put ‘em on

And to this day, I can’t count the times

I’ve seen you and your walkin’ shoes, saying goodbye

Repeat Chorus

I won’t be the hero, I won’t be the goat

I won’t tell you yes, and darlin’ I won’t tell you no

I’ll just sit on the front porch, and drink my lemonade

Waitin’ for you to make up your mind again

Repeat Chorus

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