Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen - Starting Right Now

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I know I’ve made mistakes

That I can’t take back

I also know there’s no future living in the past

Well I don’t want us to give up

I know us better than that

All it’s going to take is for me to change

And baby I can live with that


So starting right now

Baby I’m going to love you right

I’m gonna be the man that you’ve always dreamed of

A promise you can keep for all of eternity

I’ll never let you down

Starting right now

Yeah you said yourself many times

Even without saying a word

You expect more from me

And girl I’m trying so hard to learn

It’s not always just about love

It’s about wanting to do what’s right

So I’m telling you now that I’m trying to change

It’s gonna talk a little time


Starting right now

Starting right now

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