Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen - Not Finished Yet

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You had me down

And I lost my way

I was looking for signs

Every single day

Please by all means don’t call me back

Should I be ashamed?

Should I run back home?

Should I shut my mouth?

Leave this mess alone

But I’ve got time and the rhythm won’t let me sleep

And the wind is blowing hard out


And I’m not finished yet

I got one song left to sing

And it won’t make me rich

But it just might keep me sane

And I’m all out of words

Cause you pushed me from behind

I never asked anything of you

But thank you for my line

Girl finds a boy

Girl falls in love

They fly away in a pickup truck

That’s the way that it ends on the highway

Yeah, that’s the way that it ends around here

Repeat Chorus

Just one more thing

Before I shut my mouth

Perhaps I left a few pieces out

If you want to hear the rest you just leave a message

Yeah if you want to hear the rest

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