Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen - Mystery of a Woman

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Seems like I live my whole life just like every other man

Trying to figure out everything I can

About the way you work, and all your wicked ways

There’s no way of winning, all these games you make us play

Think we got it all figured out, then you gotta go and change

Well I’m a fast sinking ship baby and you’re the one to blame

You took all of my courage, you nailed it to the wall

Now I’m hung up like an innocent fool with nowhere to fall


It’s the mystery of a woman

Don’t’ know why they do what they do

It’s the mystery of a woman

Oh how I wish I knew what they do

Don’t think I got all the answers, son I’m not a preacher man

It’s just the way I feel, you don’t have to understand

But the same’s been done to you, you’ve heard it all before

Might as well stop tryin to find the key that opens up, opens up that door


When you take my breath away, where does it go?

I guess you take it to a place, that I’ll never know

There’s so much to be considered when you’re dealing with hearts like mine

You always act like you don’t care, are you going to act like that this time?


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