Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen - Lay It All On You

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It’s funny how some people dream

They put on a show just to be on the scene

I don’t know how many times

I’ve been right here and you still don’t see me

It may be wrong but tonight I’m gonna to see those city lights

Cause it sure as hell beats lying here wishing I was on your mind


Well tonight I’m walking and you start talking

'Bout what you said we’d never be

Oh and I’ve been worried

It’s the same old story

I never know if you’re gonna leave

I say it’s the last time

Just like I always do

So I’ll give you another chance

And I’ll lay it all on you

Well I caught myself out drifting cause sometimes I like just to be alone

Like a lonely gypsy with nothing to lose and no one to call my own

I know that there’s people watching just waiting for my next move

Oh but they can’t see that I’m too busy waiting on me and you


Lay it all on you


Oh I’ll give you one more chance, and I’ll lay it all on you

Lay it all on you

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