Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen - A Battle Won lyrics

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Verse 1:

I drink coffee in the morning

As she slams the bedroom door

She had enough of me

She sure did let me know

Oh the silence spoke out loud and clear

Heard a tear hit the floor from here

Oh I can sure feel my stubborn ways


Oh the things i do to prove I'm right

Break her heart just to watch her cry

Leave her stranded on an island all alone

I can't stand it when I'm wrong

Being right ain't worth the cost

Yeah 'Cause sometimes a battle won is a battle lost

Verse 2:

You always tell me that you love me

With conviction in your eyes

You're my best friend, my biggest fan

And you're always on my side

And the more I sit here all alone

The more this sad disgrace runs through my bones

It cuts just deep enough to realize


Well nobody in the world ever really wants to lose

Yeah but what's the point in winning

If I can't win with you


Yeah sometimes a battle won is a battle lost.

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