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Fucking want to shove your shit up your cunt, watch it liquefy as use it four lubrication,

punch you in the throat and cum in your mouth, watch you gasp for breath as I cut off

Air to your lungs... eat it, swallow it vomit it, fuck it... filth, I can't explain it, filth, I can't

Control it, filth motherfucker filth is what it fucking live for... I talk the talk, I walk the walk

pushing myself to the limit my sickening obsessions redefine deviance...My senses are

Corroded my psyche contaminated, to you this is asinine, for me this is fucking heaven...

Sexual purity is motherfucking boring and will be shattered...Grinding down society with

Constant fucking is now the standard...Rid the fucking world of all that's good and pure...

A new state of mind a new dementia fuck you... in the catacombs of my mind, is the

Origin of a morbid fucker.. who are you to judge me, you are fucking just like me...I'm

The most... perverse motherfucker you'll ever fucking meet, a fanatic with a sex drive for

Savage ecstasy.. vivid, vile perversion you're my servant for intrusion, fulfillment of my

Urges is your only fucking purpose...filth, motherfucker, FILTH.

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