LINE UP Kevin Menssen (guitar), Dave Kibler (guitar), Nick Null (drums)

Illinois extreme Grindcore. Founded during 1994 by guitarist Kevin Menssen WACO JESUS cut an opening demo in 1995. Originally Brad of MALEDICTION was responsible for secondary guitar with Jamie on vocals and Takashi on the drums. Line up changes saw the enrollment of LIVIDITY guitarist Dave Kibler and drummer Nick Null in 1997. The scatalogical collage art for the band's debut 'The Destruction Of Commercial Scum' for United Guttural Records proved the band held no qualms when it came to delivering controversial content. Null died in 2002 but WACO JESUS persevered by enlisting Johnny Baker as replacement.

The photographic sleeve of 2003's 'Filth' record, released by the German Morbid concern, went beyond all that had gone before.