Voltaj (which means voltage in Romanian) is a Romanian pop-rock group. They won the Best Romanian Act award at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2005.

Founded in 1984, Voltaj proved to have a personality too strong for the communist regime of that time and some people even considered the band a "danger" for the society. In there early days Voltaj had a totally different musical style than today. Genres like hard rock, heavy metal and speed metal made the band famous in the early 90's.

Their first song, "Nori de hârtie" ("Paper clouds") made the top of the list for the band's first concert. The song also appeared on the album Pericol de moarte, released in 1996.

„Arc peste timp” (Arch Across The Time),
„Zi de zi” (Day After Day),
„Voi fi nou al tău” (I'll Be Yours Again),
„În calea norilor” (Across The Clouds),
„Tu, doar tu” (You, Only You)
„Alerg" (I'm Running)
„Pericol de moarte” (Deadly Danger) (01.06.1996 - Roton)
„Asta-i viaţa” (So's The Life) - maxi single (February 1999 - Roton)
„Risk Maxim 2” (01.01.1999 - Roton)
„Bungee” (01.01.2000 - Roton)
„3D” (10.03.2001 - Cat Music)
„...Tu” (You) - maxi single (08.06.2002 - Cat Music)
„424” (08.06.2002 - Cat Music)
„Scrisoare” (Letter) - maxi single (2002 - Cat Music)
„Noapte bună” (Good Night) - maxi single (2003 - Cat Music)
„Best of” - compilation (07.09.2003 - Cat Music)
„Povestea oricui” (Everyone's Story)(08.05.2004 - Cat Music)
„Integrala Voltaj” - compilation (+ Voltaj's book) (2005 - Cat Music)
„Revelator” (06.10.2006 - Cat Music)
„V8” (25.06.2008 - Cat Music)