Hello, first of all, what about a brief history of VESANIA ?

/orion/ - “I cannot remember when the thought of a band first appeared. It must have been a very long time ago... VESANIA is Black Metal's brutality ov madness, a mad vision in a mad form. VESANIA is an art ov unreality.” These are the words from our biography, which are there to introduce VESANIA. Physically VESANIA exists since the end of 1997. At that time the line-up was: Daray - drums and percussion, Heinrich - bass and Orion - guitars and voices. As the time passed, it came out that there is a need to expand. Thus joined Hatrah - keys (the first recording - reh tape comes from that period) and then Annahvahr - guitars and voices. The end of 1998 was a time of recording first short studio material called “Moonastray”. Not long after that, new keymaster – Siegmar – joined the band. The breakthrough of 2001/2002 we set up for the recording session, but later on, it appeared to take more time than we have expected and it delayed until spring 2002. Once again we worked in Selani Studio, this time with Szymonaz as the producer. The result of this session is “Firefrost Arcanum”, a debut album of VESANIA. Not long after this session we signed with Empire Records. And so we are, ready to go through all these things that are against us. The album , by the Empire’s work, has a great audience, it is very well promoted, and we still have great response, such from the fans, as from the medias.

Who and what influences VESANIA ? What’s your main musical and lyrical sources of inspirations ?

  • Many of them we have... Each one of us listens to many kinds of music. We often hear the name Emperor as a comparison. For us, it may be only a compliment. We do not use, do not copy straight from the other bands. If Vesania seems to be like one of them, may it means, that we simply feel same like them, same emotions we include in our acts of creation. As a source of inspiration, we may treat everything, that makes us think. Hundreds of people to admire, and hundreds of things to hate. New age we are living in, serves billions of thruths, but we often have to look for the power in ourselves. Human is now less than nothing, we can not withstand this state of the world. To choose the right path, it is to find one’s own equilibrium and strength. Our private theology is to seek and create.

Despites the huge success of Polish acts such as VADER or BEHEMOTH and ARTROSIS, it still seems very difficult for a band of your country to sign a deal with a big label . Do you get the same feeling and how could you explain that ?

  • I do agree with your opinion. We are still that eastern side of Europe, which is to be worse and a little different than the west. Our history made our specific mentality, which has always been the reason to treat people from Poland not seriously. We have here many great bands, but because of the social situation, very often they can not afford to make a good recording session at a good studio. People from the west are often affraid of us, following some bad examples we get in the past. But, just as You said, we have some well known bands. They have to work twice more in Poland for their success, to work very hard to live the life of musicians, but there are no things, that are impossible. There are the sacrifices, but life is the art of choice. If I were to think more about the reason of our difficulties in the world, I would say, that we, as a nationality itself, are guilty of the entire opinion about us abroad. There are no things, that get from nothing.

Tell us about the metal scene in Polen, what other acts shoud you recommend us ?

  • We have here very few bands, known like these ones You mentioned before, particulary Vader and Behemoth. Other acts ? VESANIA of course !... Seriously, I could recommend such bands like Hate (on the scene since more than 10 years, now promoting their latest album « Awakening of the liar ») ; Crionics (our friends from the label) ; Azarath (band of Inferno from Behemoth, pure evil and destruction !!!) ; Neolithic (the only soft band in which I am involved) ; and many more... Each of them is to be noticed, they all really try hard.

Do you have any plan to tour in western Europe ?

  • As for now, we do not have such plans. Latest news is the tour with Vader in fall, but here, in Poland. Do You have any propositions? It would be a pleasure and honour for us !

« Firefrost Arcanum » was released in january 2003 in Poland. How has the overall response been 'till now to that album ?

  • Great response, just as I said, as from the fans, such from the press. It’s about 5000 copies sold out till now here in Poland. The formula of the release (with a magazine together) had a big influence, but I hope not only. So the reactions are very positive, many good reviews, interviews, some invitations to concerts and festivals. We appreciate all the work that Empire Records is doing for us. So, especially as for a debut, we have great attention of medias and fans. I hope it will proceed.

To close, a final comment or whatever comes into your mind.

  • Thank You for this interview. We would like You to see what VESANIA means for us. “Firefrost Arcanum” is not a simple album, it is a kind of wider concept. It is to be focused hearing to this and watching it’s consistence. Try You all to read inbetween the lines, try to feel like inside the hatework. Look into the words and sounds. Watch the picture distorted. Think. Create. With our regards, I hope to meet again.