Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt - The Sound of Leaving

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I'm awake and you're asleep

Brick house is breathing, briefing

Lie in the castle deep, sit down, I'm dreaming dreaming

Skin cold against the sheets

Deep self is freezing freezing

Now I'm freezing


Hold onto me! It's the sound of leaving

Hold onto me! It's the sound of leaving

(Verse 2)

Slip out into the stars, smoke saddle in your pocket

Suitcases in your car, you don't stop, you just can't stop it

Someday, somehow, you remember when you lost it

The day you lost it



Going down against your will

Feel the plan that's rearranging, I lie here very still

The shinny whispers, the shinny whispers

Oh no, oh wow, the earth beneath our feet is shaking

And now you're breaking


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