Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt - Empty Bottle

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Time flies and I can’t keep up

All the years that I had to sweep up

Late at night I’m in my bed

I’m in my head

Remember how we used to dress up?

You’re beautiful

Until you’re messed up

Take a picture cause I think we’re on a busy night

This is how we say goodbye

This is how we say goodbye

This brings me to the ground

We will go down

I don’t want you to be drowning with me

Late December when the rain came

There’s an unfamiliar____ (?)

Fly away

Hold my hand

Help my heart

I didn’t know the silver was breaking

This is you say goodbye

It’s how you say goodbye

I’m trying to meet you in the day

We’re here in the end

We can break them down

It’s breaking all around

I’m leaving town

I don’t wanna be with you

I don’t wanna breathe

I’m dreaming of you


And it’s all over

When you’re older

You just keep turning yourself

Door is open

If it’’ everything ok

You’re wondering ___ (?)

You can’t go back

When you’re older

You just keep telling yourself that

The door is open

And it feels just as

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