Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice - Ice is Workin'it

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(vanilla iceearthquakem. smoothg. andersonp. loomis)

Yo! here comes the intro

It's time to let it go

I live the life of my rhymeI think I'll let it show

Sokeep it goin' so the mic can stay warm

Then I know I've been doin' my job 'cause there'll be sweat pourin'

So pick and choose your weapon but don't slip

I'm here to kill you boys with the flex of my mic grip

So pump your fist like thisbut don't miss

The hook and the break when you decide to dance to this

Lyrical concept that's meant for the dance floor

I know you adore 'cause that's what you came for

The ice rhymer is back and livin' large

And when I'm at a show you better wear camouflage

'cause there was plenty who thought I couldn't swing this

But now all I get from the crowd is just a pumped fist

So sing along with the chorus 'cause it's a hit

Or stay at home alone 'cause ice will be workin' it

Work itwork itwork itwork itwork itwork itwork

Itwork it. work iticeyea! c'mon and work it baby

Work itwork itwork itwork itwork itwork itwork

Itwork it. work iticeyea! c'mon and work it baby

Go white boygo white boygo!

Check out the hook. vanilla iceyepyep

I'm makin' a killin' and chillin' because I'm cool as an ice pack

You're lovin' everything when I think of a new track

I keep my rhyme flowin'notice it's right on time

And separate the wax and keep my mic in line

So put your body in motion and let me know that you're there

And those playin' the wall don't be scared

'cause it's a foundation of breaks put to a beat

Strong as concrete 'cause I'm rockin' the beat

I'm in rock mode now' cause I'm steppin' like a soldier

Move to the groove and try to hold your composure

Never the less I'm back to attack

I came to manifestand express to this dope track

Blow off the lid for the kid I get nice

That's why the ladies scraem...oh! vanilla ice!

Forthcomin' I'm risin' to the top

The real definition of funk is put to hip hop

That's what I thoughyou're cause by the friction

Pens to the pad when I'm shakin' the mixin'

What I like to hear is a drummer get wicked

The tone of a vocal thrown and then kick it

Don't be surprised if your eyeballs swell

I know it's hard to regard 'cause I'm loved by the females

Masses of manywhich is plentycomes to a halt

No one's in the runnin'so I guess that is my fault

So pump up the crowd and give 'em somethin' to step to

My dj's at his max to enhance what I bring you

The concepts hittin' so follow along like a cookbook

Acknowledge the pros from all the titles I tookyea

The crowd's at ease when I breat through the mic end

As I whip up a dance better move all the mic stands

I go to work on the floor like a wet mop

If you've ever been movedcheck it out when I rock

(repeat chorus)

Throw your hands in the air and let's get hyper

Flip this thing and sting like a viper

Rollin' with the rhythmI did it for my opponent

If there was a crown to be takenyeaI would own it

Believe that my rhyme is spoken like it has to be

With slang to stain it's a sheer catastrophe

Sheer to the pointto the point it's like lethal

The dope that I'm sellin' is not even illegal

Butstill knowck you out with clout to make you shout

To rock the party people sho 'em what it's all about

Moneyyeais the key to all problems

If you believe thatthen you should surely solve 'em

'cause I got the keythe key to attack

The knowledge from my domefrom the top of my track

To my foesI can show I can flow 'cause I'm legit

Thinkin' of a new danceice will be workin' it

(repeat chorus)

Produced by vanilla iceearthquake

Paul loomisgeorge anderson

Published by ice baby music/qpm music (bmi)

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