Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice - Get Loose

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Get Loose Vanilla Ice is here with the juice. No use for steppin' so give the bass a boost Produced by the 3 man crew Not a deuce just a hit man. Keepin' rappers necks in a noose I'm gettin' juiced up, But Vanilla's not souped up. Check out the read dope track that I looped up All you poo but sucka's plain' the back in fact black. If you run up I'll flip you like a flapjack, An' roll you up like a knappack Crack that skull with bat You should've known you're rap's wacked You lack the style and skill to even get paid. Grab the mic and you will verbally get slayed. I raid the track like a terrorist And with my napalm bomb lyrics, I got 'em scared of this. So be prepared to be taken to the Twilight Zone And the VIP is bad to the bone. Ain't no way against me you can get juice Ain't no way against me you can get juice Ain't no way against me you can get juice Back off the stage, An' watch Vanilla Ice get loose. Get Loose...all the Ladies, Get Loose...all the Fellas, Get Loose...all the brothers, Get Loose...all the Mothers, Get Loose...all the Sisters, Get the Dogs, Get Loose...Everybody, here we go, here we go Get loose as I boost the juice Once more for the people who wanted it. an' didn't know what's in store, I've got another big hit Of course a Vanilla rides the groove like a Gemballa Porsche. I got Zero on the cut like a lumberjack better yet a Butcher Guaranteed to put cha in the right mood We make ya dance in a frenzy. Sucka's gettin' mad cuz I'm getting all the Skins "G" Plus I'm makin' all the ends "G". And the women wanna ride my pickle like it was a bicycle Or just lick it like a popsicle. I got a little time to waste so baby put it in my face I wanna taste you neta and I bet-cha, I get-cha, right where I wan-cha, And I'm about to let-cha have it. I'm talking about my carrot, you're the bunny rabbit Here it is baby doll, honey, grab it Open up so I can have it. Ooh...whee do like BBD and do me baby You're the lady who makes Me looney screamin' Ice ice Baby Straight knockin' the boots just Cuz I'm a super star. And she knows this that's why I do her far Or should I say long, if you know what I mean. I'm talking about my Ice cream - yea I make the girls scream, as I give up the juice Vanilla Ice is here, to make the girls get loose...

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