Van Morrison

Van Morrison - Pay The Devil

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One man's meat is another man's poison<br />

One man's gain can be another man's loss<br />

I'm traveling down the lonely highway<br />

'Cause a rolling stone don't gather no moss<br />

<br />

Once I thought I could live the kind of life I wanted<br />

But the wayward wind made me restless and a fool of me<br />

'Cause I thought I could settle for the nine to five life<br />

Well, I guess it just was never meant to be<br />

<br />

Now people talk and they speculate about what other people would do<br />

But they can't put themselves within my shoes<br />

It used to be my life, now it's become my story<br />

I'm heading down this highway with those blues<br />

<br />

Well, I'd love to see the sun setting on the riverside<br />

Just to go back home, yeah, I want to settle down<br />

Well, I have to pay the devil for my music<br />

Why I have to keep on with this roaming around?<br />

<br />

Have to pay the devil for my music, yeah<br />

Keep on rolling from town to town<br />

Have to pay the devil for to play my music<br />

Keep on rolling from town to town<br /><br />

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