Van Morrison

Van Morrison - Ballerina - Move On Up

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Spread your wings, <br />come on fly awhile <br />straight to my arms, <br />oh,little angel child. <br />You know you're only <br />lonely twenty-two story block. <br /> <br />And if somebody, not just anybody, <br />wanted to get close to you, <br />for instance, me, baby? <br /> <br />All you gotta do <br />Is ring the bell. <br />Step right up, step right up. <br />And step right up <br />Ballerina... <br /> <br />Grab it, Catch it <br />Fly it, Sigh it, <br />Try it... <br /> <br />Well, I may be wrong, <br />but something deep in my heart <br />tells me Im right and I dont think so... <br /> <br />You know I saw the writing on the wall <br />When you came up to me, <br />child, you were heading for a fall. <br /> <br />But if it gets to you <br />and you feel like you just cant go on... <br /> <br />All you gotta do <br />Is ring a bell <br />Step right up, and step right up <br />And step right up <br />Just like a ballerina <br /> <br />Stepping lightly... <br /> <br />Alright, well its getting late <br />(Yes it is, yes it is) <br />And this time I forget to slip into your slumber, <br />the light is on the left side of your head <br />and I'm standing in your doorway <br />and Im mumbling and I cant remember the last thing that <br />ran through my head. <br /> <br />Here come the man, here come the man, <br />and he say, he say the show must go on <br /> <br />So all you gotta do <br />Is ring the bell <br />And step right up, and step right up <br />And step right up <br />Just like a ballerina, yeah, yeah. <br /> <br />Grab it, Catch it <br />Fly it, sight it, <br />c'mon, Die it, yeah, yeah. <br /> <br />Just like a ballerina <br />Just like a, just like a, just like a, just like a ballerina, babe. <br /> <br />Get on up, get on up, <br />keep a-moving on, little bit higher, baby. <br /> <br />Alright, a-keep on, a-keep on, <br />a-keep on, a-keep on pushing. <br />Stepping lightly <br />just like a ballerina. <br /> <br />Ooo-we baby, take off your shoes! <br />ohhh, get on <br /> <br />Just like a ballerina...<br /><br />

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