Vama Veche

Vama Veche was a Romanian soft rock band, founded in 1996, the same year in which they recorded the song that would become a big hit in Romania the following year, "Nu am chef azi".

Their first concert took place on 28th November 1996 at Lăptaria lui Enache.

The third album released by the band was a concept album, suggesting that the group may turn towards progressive rock. The album was received with critical acclaim.

The band broke up in September 2006, right after having launched a new album, "Fericire în rate".

Discography 1998 - Nu am chef azi 1999 - Vama Veche 2000 - Nu ne mai trageţi pe dreapta (maxi-single) 2002 - Am să mă întorc bărbat 2004 - Best of Vama Veche 2005 - Vama Veche Live 2006 - Fericire în rate