Vad Vuc

The Vad Vuc were formed on the 26th December 2000 and in short became one of the well-known and most appreciated local bands. The Vad Vuc were the only band able to win three of the most important local contest for new comers (Corteglia, Locarno, Lugano), and thanks to its striking and energic live shows the band won the Kleiner Prix Walo in 2003, as best upcoming band of the year in Switzerland. They held live radio concerts and session, and one entire concert was broadcasted live in the whole country on 1st August 2004 (Swiss National Day).

5 CDs have now been released (Murrayfield Pub (2003), Il Monastero dei Folli (2004), Live in Cevio (2004), Trans Roonkaya Express (2006, reprinted in 2007), The Vad Vuc & Orchestra (2007)) and The Vad Vuc have been on tour nearly every year in all Europe. Among these, “Trans Roonkaya Express” had great success and went in the top ten during its first week, and stayed there for 9 weeks. Moreover, “Trans Roonkaya Express” was voted by the readers of CdT as best CD of the year, and best CD by a Swiss band. The same poll showed that the band show was voted as 2nd best concert of the year in Switzerland after Depeche Mode, and as the best live performance by a Swiss act. Now The Vad Vuc are out with a brand new cd (The Vad Vuc & Orchestra), which also reached Top Ten for various weeks.

The Vad Vuc have played many concerts and in many festivals in Europe, especially in Switzerland Italy Germany, and France alongside artists such as Ska-P, Misfits, No Use for a Name, Jamie Clarke, Kelly Joyce, Gotthard, Goldfinger, Neck.

Lately The Vad Vuc have appeared in several places other than their official CDs, including the track “Compagnia Bella” and other jingles, which The Vad Vuc composed specifically for the homonymous program broadcasted weekly by the Swiss National TV. The song “Vaya con Dios” has been chosen as soundtrack of the program “A Modo Mio”. The Vad Vuc also made a special song for a Swiss hockey team, and are in constant contact with Italian, German and French bands for collaborations and apparitions.