Usurper - Prowling Death (The Demigoddess)

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Prowling Death (The Demigoddess)

Of innocence you are welcomed

Enter into my life

From dust you have arisen

Carnality, your fatal touch

Virginity is her lure

Yet she is the demon whore

She whispers everything you long to hear

Then swallows your feeble soul

"On your knees you fucking bitch!"

Out of the womb of a witch

Your master is our lord

Lucifer I hear your call


Prowling death!

Demoness from hell

Possess me with your evil spell

Unholy lust is what I need

Demigoddess make me bleed

[Solo: Scythe]

Obedient to your words

Yet she is in total control

Demigoddess - she is death

Praying mantis' hunger, black widow's soul


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