Formed in 1992 as a side project, Usurper have often been categorised as thrash, black and even death metal. The band's sound is prominently thrash metal with the occasional hints of black or death. The most frequent comparison is with Celtic Frost in their best years - they're also often considered a Celtic Frost ripoff, although a lot of people will disagree. The band unleashed its first demo, Visions From The Gods, in 1994, which eventually lead to a deal with Norway's Head Not Found label. That collaboration lead to the first album, Diabolosis, in 1995.

Gaining more exposure, the band signed with a larger label, US-based Necropolis Records, in 1996. The collaboration would last about five years, leading to four releases: A MCD/picture disc named Threshold of the Usurper in 1997, followed in 1999 by Usurper's second full-length album, Usurper II: Skeletal Season. In 2000 Necropolis re-issued the band's 1994 demo, as well as the third full-length, Necronemesis, which was very well received by press and fans alike, giving the band quite a bit of exposure. One thing that was noticeable on Necronemesis were some vocal work by King Diamond on one of the songs as a thank you to Usurper for letting him exceed his studio time and delaying their entry. The "deal" also called for the band not using King's name as a promotional push, but Necropolis Records ignored this and added a sticker on the CDs mentioning a guest appearance by King Diamond...

In 2001, following various disagreements, the band parted ways with Necropolis and soon after inked a deal with Earache Records, which almost immediately re-issued Visions from the Gods as well as Necronemesis. The band's 4th album was slightly delayed because of a fire in the building where their rehearsal place was located, and it's finally in April 2003 that the band's 4th album, Twilight Dominion, was released.

Current line-up
Apocalyptic Warlord (Drums)
Carcass Chris (Guitar (live only))
General Diabolical Slaughter (Vocals)
Jon Necromancer (Bass)
Rick Scythe (Guitar)

Former members
Dave "Hellstorm" Chiarella (Drums) - 1998-2003