Usurper - 1666 A.D.

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1666 A.D.

Necromantic predictions

False prophets execute the King

The streets of London shall lie barren

Awaiting the cleansing of the flames

Heretics prepare for Armageddon

Carting off the bodies of the dead

Poisoned blood, a gift from God

Shallow graves become your home

Prophecies of fire

Plague cast upon man

Divine retribution

Great pretenders shall fall

Plague, fire, death

Hate, fire, blood

Prophecies of fire

Bloodshed of the just

Divine retribution

Extinguish the whole...

Fucking world!

Holy churches, reduced to ash

Mankind laid to waste

Holy hell raised through the earth

For all mankind to taste

Supernatural killing spree

Heretics pray for salvation

Clergyman cry to God

Awaiting the tribulation

1666... A.D.

1666... A.D.

1666... A.D.

1666... A.D.

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