Unshaken - Take A Chance

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Verse 1:

You say you never felt this way before

It's like you want to give it up but you're not sure

You feel like you're alone – all by yourself

But you wouldn't even know with Him on the shelf

Lie after lie that your brain was fed

Soon the faith in your heart wasn't in your head

Slowly you are starting to doubt it

But now you won't even allow it

Little did you know that the cross you bore

Shouted out to the world to hate you more

Watching all your friends just walk away

Made you take another look at the choice you made

I feel this is something real

It's got a little bit more than the flesh appeals to

A lot of people say things

But I've got something to say


You ran away ‘cause you're afraid

You blamed it on a circumstance

You gave up faith, you played the game

You didn't even take a chance

Verse 2:

No, it's not religion, it's a way of life

No, I don't have A.D.D. it's the way I wanna be

It's your own decision, you can live or die

Let Him be your everything, be the voice of reasoning

Is the feeling controversial

I can give it to you watered down or get personal

The choice that you made was pure emotion

Now the feeling's gone and you lost devotion

There will be no compromise

If He said it then believe it, open up your eyes

See the wonderful creation that He's made in you

There's a reason the season that he brought you through

I don't care how you react

All I really need to do is just state the fact

That the life you're living now's not reality

So get over yourself - suck it up – and get ready


The battle isn't easy, but someone has to fight it

The story isn't finished and someone has to write it

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