Unshaken - Shout It Loud

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As he looks at the mirror he sees

All the scars he's obtained from the past memories

But he has no regrets of the past

Cause the future he holds is a hope that will last

As he turns and he runs from the gray

He's becoming a hunter instead of the prey

Like a redwood stuck in the ground

He can never be moved from the truth he's found

He says

I'm gonna shout it out

I'm gonna shout it loud

This world won't shake me now

I'm gonna shout it out

I'm gonna shout it loud

This world can't shake me now

As the earth all around him shakes

He just laughs as he stands like a five ton weight

Everything that surrounds him collides

But he's safe from it all cause he sees through the lies

With his hands lifted up to the air

Now he calls out a name that the rocks only dare

His faith nailed down so tight

Like the nails that were binding his God that night

He says

No.....They won't ever move me

No.....So why even try

No.....They won't ever understand a faith that they deny

No.....I won't keep the silence

No.....I will amplify

No.....There will be no whispers my stand will intensify

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