Unshaken - Insult Like The Truth

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I've run my ship aground

on the rocks of the soul

There's no lie like independence

there's no demon like control

I've fanned the burning embers

til my house was on fire

There's no parody like power

There's no fever like desire

I've drained the wine of darkness

to the dregs of deceit

There's no drug as strong as pride

There's no blindness like conceit

I've railed against the mountain

With a pickaxe and a file

There's no minefield like presumption

There's no death wish like denial

There's no gunshot like conviction

There's no conscience bulletproof

There's no strength like utter weakness

There's no insult like the truth

I've adjusted my prescription

til I couldn't trust my vision

there's no killer like convenience

there's no sickness like omission

I've amended resolutions and resisted explanation

There's no trap door like emotion

There's no pit like reputation

There's no cancer like ambition

There's no cure like crucifixion

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