unikkatil - Live by the gun

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Yo waz up DC 04:56 im here with my cousen rebel blazing a track

if u dont fucking like it dont listen to it aight mathafucka peace check it out


You say u dont give a fuck i know u do//

when you see me and my homies going after ur crew//

while u rolling in ya jacks i be rolling in my civic//

i know its not a lot but its the best i can live it//

i aint making enough i need to make some more//

if cant make some more ama take some more//

just the way i like to do it but some time i slip//

blame the motherfucking cops that i call a bitch//

im a motherfucking ALBANIAN deep in my blood//

made to brake the rules and break the fools//

this is how we do it where i come from//

real motherfucking rebel living by the gun son//

u say u know it but u dont know shit//

untill u see those dead babys and and a blood spit//

i seen so many graves getting dig up in one day//

yo my rebels keep it up cuz for you i pray//

Chorus 3x

I live by the gun i die by the gun

I'm never gonna stop cuz this shit its fun


I cant joke unless i smoke//

cuz i got alot of enemys and plus that im broke//

live is a bitch in it chek my motherfucking past and thats when i blust//

tryin to make a living in this fucked up shit//

u talking shit about my peeps? bitch watch who u fucking with//

im that ALBANIAN called young rebel//

you fuck with this son Yo you fucking with the devil//

here comes the time for retaliation//

ama kill those bitches they hate my nation//

you say u gonna smoke you been smokin my dick//

you aint shit im tha mothafuck away to slick//

im coming way to quick//

so step to fuck back body//

this world its kinda muddy//

so are more fucking bloody//

i know ya fucking rats wanna see me bleed//

i m just another ALBO i know you hate me //

Chorus 3x

I live by the gun i die by the gun

I'm never gonna stop cuz this shit its fun

[Rebel Outro]

Yeah Bitch Two Double O One, This Is How We Do it This Days,

We'r Albanian Family, Nobody Fuckes With Us You Know What I Mean,

Stupid Azz Mothafuckers, And Right Now I V'got Another Version For You,

So Check It Out Bitch And I'm Out


Just in case you wonder who the fuck got the gun//

its the ALBANIAN crew when we bust for fun//

tryin to make a dollar ......................( nuk e di)

you tryin to lock us up but theres no evident//

better be out//

run to space shadow//

or hear ya mama sayin Yo here comes the trouble//

cuz we rule this planet in this 2 tripel o's//

if u dont know me body YO this is how it goes//

Chorus 4x

I live by the gun i die by the gun

I'm never gonna stop cuz this shit its fun

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Thanks to Gezim Sadiku aka XtraX

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