unikkatil - Causing Trauma feat. A.K.A Rebel

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time to take the throne . Causing heard some trauma

Rebel brings more drama then king kongs mama.. you weak you geek you prostitute leek im religious when i speak if i smack you turn the other

cheek. im too much to cope with then broke of the broof.. who gives tha fuck about what you smoke pussy wussy your a joke. your a prank who get cursed with a nurse..and i don't need to be a gangster been an albanian is even worse.see you can take your game slanus and shut it up in your anus. we might be stand of plainless well im thinking minedstaindless. now let me explain this.. i won't make this painless. cuz pain is the what this name what this game is.. shqipe got my back through what ever shit i do *before i even look at you they'll be barking at your crew*. in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost allahu ekber your ass is toast. we stick together!

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