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Shook Up


Tweet: This song is something like dynamite (Oh)

This morning (I cried),

Had a good feeling (Inside),

Exceptional emotion (That's Why),

I gave him my devotion

He turns the lights off,

And rubs my body,

Natural Feeling,

I can't describe it,

What a relationship,

It's so contagious,

He gives me all I want and that's why I'm faded (Shook Up)

How can I make it through the day in love with you?

How am I suppossed to do everything, when I'm shook up, shook up, shook up?

How can I make it through the day in love with you?

How am I suppossed to do everythang, everythang, you are my everythang

Can't fight the feeling (Inside),

Loving what I'm seeing (You're mine),

The way you touchin' my body baby (Feels right),

Don't stop makin' me fantasize

Keep a g on stash, no I don't mean cash, let em' know you gotta be so bad, maintain yo' protein like amino acid, make ya both feen, show em' it's yo' scene, sex like heroin, clothes is morphine, for sure he approachin' the choach that most dream, you ain't gotta do everything, you can keep em' in pocket, have him going through change, he say he won't, but be patient he frontin', just when we personal pumpin' that Yves Saint Laurent (?), nice and stuntin' and thumpin' ya boy moanin' and gruntin' (?), and all the while you laughing now he say he won't, turn the tables, keep em' spinnin' like sprees, please, keep em' tamed, complain' you won't change, emotionally (uh) closest to me, I'm a GM player no coachin' me

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