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Got a five in my pocket

Wanna buy me some gin

A drop of gas in my tank let me think it over again, mmm

Cause I'd rather be drunk and drive away from here

Than to be sober, so sober yea

No friends comin thru

I think I've lost them all

No man to take there place

So I decided to make this call, whoa ho

That I'd rather be drunk on a cloud away from here

I don't wanna be sober, no not sober yea

Broke and alone nowhere to go

And loneliness is hurting me so

Broke and alone, nowhere to go

And loneliness and hurting so

One stog left to light

I think I'll smoke just a half

By the time I finish this drink

I'll roll the last of the grass, yea hey

Cause I'd rather feel pumped

Than to drown in my tears

That'll help me peel over, sleep the night over yea hey

Yeah, yeah, yea yea

Oh I could've swore oh

Sober, sober, sober

And lonliness is killing me slow

Broke and alone, whoo boy, what ever

Did I drink too much

Cause the road is all lop-sided

I only drove a small way

I thought I swore not to take this ride, yea hey

Now my air's being pumped

And I'm drenched in my tears Oh

I don't wanna peel over

Just wanna be sober yea, oooh

Why I had to go

Killing me slow, slow

I wish I could have listened to my conscience

And not drunk a drip

I wouldn't be here in so many pieces

I shouldn't have drank a sip

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