Tweet - Big Spender

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(feat. Missy Elliott)

[Verse 1]

When I rap I be shaking 'em

Every song that I write D.J. banging 'em

So you say that I'm whack but they playin' 'em

Got Ferraris and cribs and ya'll hating 'em nothing to say to THEMMMM

I out rated them, and my flow, fo sho, out dated them

Yes you were number one cause you paying them

I be checking, the scams you scam, GODDAMN who you fooling' man?

Inconspicuous, how I'm riding this thing it's ridiculous

Me and Timothy, ya'll can't get rid of us

I got aspirin for when ya'll get sick of us down your esophagusssss

Ya'll ain't stopping me, ya'll just watching me like a pornography

Ya'll say ya'll ain't mad but you just gotta be

Cause the dough that you spend is Monopoly

Fake Spender


HEY BIG SPENDER! Spend.. A Little Time With.. Me!

[Verse 2]

Life is fiction, I got a bad cursing addiction (F.U.!)

'xuse my diction, if you screwing my man, I've got big guns. (Gun Fire)

I got good sense, now reach in your pocket it's full of lint

That's why ya'll don't like me it's evident

Cause the rumors you spreading's, irrelevant. TRICKKKK!

See my third eye, you can't out the game even if you try

You sleepin' on me? Here's a Rock-A-Bye

Split atoms just like a Gemini, player give me my, F-F-Five Mics

As for getting my money, it's my rhyme

Knuckle up Mother suckers it's my time

Cause I've been in this game, you just in your prawn


[Verse 3]

Beats contagious, my flow come in all kinds of flavors

Ya'll haters just mad we ain't neighbors

Cause my fans scream like they in labor (AHHHHHHHHHH)

I don't know ya'll, I've been rocking the shows before ya'll

And I'm hotter than hot, I take no calls

If you think this is hot then go whack-off (OHHHHHH)

To my real fans, who support me and play me in caravans

To every woman, and every man

No disrespect but I'm just chilling MANNNNNN

This is open Mics, you know Missy always gots to keep it tight

You know that I know what you all's like

Fake thugs with no dough you ain't livin' right

Fake Spender



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