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Best friend of mine, we're closer than close

Something very rare to find, we're opposite sexes

We can talk about anything, that's why I love you

And it's hard to try to hide what I'm confessing

That I can't help it, I'm so into you

You send me to the sky

Keep me breathless, oh I'm wanting you

And I can't deny it

I want to be more than this

Cause you give me reason

To fall in love again, but I'll leave it as it is now

For another day, for another day

Best friend of mines, knows what to say

Any time of the day, that's why I call her

She turns me on, ain't afraid to show it neither

Cause baby I'm still a man and you know you want to too

Cause you take me higher now I'm breathless man

Do you even know that this lust is growing without you knowing

Hey I wanna show yo ass

You give me reason

For another day, for another day

For another day

Something won't let me be, how can we go on

Let me lay with you while it's full grown

You know I want more from you

You give me reason for another day

for another day


for another


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