Trent Willmon

Trent Willmon - Wishing Well

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Well I run a little tavern on a dead end street

And my ears are pretty bent

By the time I close at three

Everybody's got a wish that comes in here

A little amnesia for the price of a beer

And Dale knows that I know all about his wife

And what it is she's doing and

Who she's with tonight

But I don't say a word about it

And neither does he

He just talks about them Dodgers

And buys another drink


Down at The Wishing Well

Forgetfulness is what's for sale

To help wash away the sin of lovers and friends

Or just forgive themselves

A place to throw their money down

In hopes of getting lost or found

You ought to hear the stories

They don't tell

Down at The Wishing Well

They say Gina was a heartbreaker

Back in her day

But years and hard living

Put the lines on her face

Now she only wants a man

Who can see her like before

So she sips her margarita and watches the door

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah I'll pour you a drink seven nights a week

And I'll listen to what you say or you don't

Cause that's how I forget

The reasons that I'm alone

(Repeat Chorus)

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