Trent Willmon

Trent Willmon - Medina Daydreaming

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I'm on the 28th floor looking out through the window

My boots are propped up on my desk

They pay me good money to contribute I know

But I'm Medina daydreamin' again

A girl down in Texas eyes like bluebonnets

Freckles and hair almost black

Like the dam had just broken on old Lake Medina

My Carissa held nothin' back

Ten years have gone by, we've gone on with our lives

But I can't get it out of my head

I should stop reminiscing but I catch myself drifting

Medina daydreamin' again


I don't know what cause my thought to get lost

In this magical wrinkle in time that hill country river

Oh the way that I loved her keeps winding its way through my mind

We spent the whole summer holding on to each other

Nothing else mattered back then

But each morning would find us in the shade of a cyprus

Medina daydreamin' again

We'd ride the tubes down to the place that we'd found

Pretend it was our own

Where the live oaks had hidden

A little limestone cabin

Had to be a hundred years old

We used to say we'd buy it someday

That's where we'd raise all our kids

Then we'd pop the top on a lone star

And drift down to the sand bar

Medina daydreamin' again

(Repeart Chorus)

Now sometimes I wonder

What became of her

If she ever thinks about me

And I try to imagine

What might of happened

If I hadn't been so young and naive

If I could go back somehow

With what I know now

I can almost see what might've been

I should give a call, but wait,

What am I thinkin' y'all

I'm Medina daydreamin' again

I'm dreamin' again

Back in Medina Again

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