Trent Willmon

Trent Willmon - Good Life

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The sun is setting on a hard day's work

Sure feels good to get 'er all done

Washed off the sweat, the hay and the dirt

Now it's time to have some fun

I'll go meet Amy at the Dixie Dog

Get a #3 and a Coke float

Make the drag, then later on

We'll head down to the cove


Back up the pickup truck, right up to the lake

Throw a blanket on the tailgate

Listen to the bullfrog

Serenade in the moonlight

In the truck bed dancin' slow

We'll sing along with the radio

Sippin' on Grandma's home made wine

Livin' the good life

There's a cottonwood tree

With a limb hangin' over

We'll do the cannonball off a rope swing

She can dry her clothes out by the fire

I swear I won't peek

I'll be wishin' that

The night could last forever

As I'm looking into her doe eyes

Ride back home with her head on my shoulder

Can't wait till next time

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to neverseenorheard for lyri

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