Trent Willmon

Trent Willmon - All Day Long

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She had her car loaded all down

Pointed east as she headed on out

But I had no idea how long it'd take

There ain't a tree, no there ain't a rock

Nothing on that horizon to block

The sad view of my baby driving away


Yeah there she was kicking up dust

And out here a man can see for miles

Yeah and time don't fly

Losing love is always tough

But here in west Texas it takes a while to say goodbye

It's bad enough she's gone, gone, gone

But I had to watch her leave me all day long

I should have known that she wouldn't dig

The rattle snakes and risty oil rigs

Living here wasn't her idea of fun

I sat and whittled me a big ol' stick

Down to nothing but a little tooth pick

Just waiting on her to get here leaving done

(Repeat Chorus)

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