Tree63 - Wierdo

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You say your name is Sandy but I know your name is mud

All day long you bite my neck but you won’t drink my blood

Who do you think you’re fooling?

I know you’ve been drooling

Talking to the moon again, you know it’s not that far

Last time it was full you banged your head into a star

Lose the space suit, baby

Leave the universe & save me

Weirdo – come on out

Weirdo – come on out

Floating through the kitchen, voices spilling from your mouth

Hopelessly in love with all those things that freak you out

Trip in my direction, baby

The moon has been infected lately

Weirdo – come on out;

Weirdo – come on out

Weirdo – don’t you know, you shouldn’t have to scoop that low

Weirdo – let it go, it’s a lie now, don’t you know

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