Tree63 - Stumbling Stone

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In my heart there is a stone

A little mountain of my own

And lately I'm beginning to believe

It's too high for me

It trips me up when I am walking

When I'm running to Your arms

I can't see You; it's my only view

I can't hide it easily

Sometimes it's all there is to see

This is no Mountain of Transfiguration

It's the stone of nothing's changing

But my climbing shoes have worn so smooth

I'm losing all my traction

And besides, it's just too cold up here

I stumble over mountains

One day soon I'll take them in my stride

For the one who trusts You

Will not be put to shame

And it always breaks me

When I fall I always land too hard

But the one who trusts You

Will not be put to shame

I can feel it pushing through

From the bottom of my shoe

A stumbling stone that just won't let me be

All I can for You

With the smallest faith

I can replace this mountain with the sky

Will Your patience ever pass me by?

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