Tree63 - Anxious Seat

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I want to whisper something in your ear This train's not stopping but you don't have to fear One destination; do you know where it ends? You've bought the ticket but so what...? This is not sience fiction, baby; here's the deal: Good fights evil every day, it's for real You're going somewhere no matter what you believe I'd check my map if I were you Chorus: You'll feel a little strange but - it's alright Everything could turn around tonight Baby let me turn on the lights You will see for miles and miles - it's alright, alright One thing after another, that's the way that it goes You ride the concequences of the journey you chose I'm just like you but I know which way is up It comes with a guarentee for life (Chorus) And if you find you're sitting in the Anxious Seat And everything that you've become is incomplete Stretch out your hand, come on now, get up on your feet Your tide is turning (Chorus)

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