Tom Tom Club

1980 MARCH
Recorded 'Wordy Rappinghood' for Chris Blackwell (Island) at Compass Point Studios, Bahamas, with Steven Stanley (engineer and keys), Chris Frantz (drums), Tina Weymouth (vocals, ball and keys), Laura and Lani Weymouth (vocals) and Monte Browne (guitar).

Recorded basic tracks for first LP "Tom Tom Club". Joined by Adrian Belew (guitars), Tyrone Downie (keys on 'L'elephant'), Sticky Thompson (percussion), Wally Badarou (keys). Released first single 'Wordy Rappinghood' (Island) everywhere except US and Canada.

Released LP 'Tom Tom Club' (Sire in US and Canada, Island elsewhere). 'Wordy Rappinghood' released in US and Canada, followed by second single 'Genius Of Love' worldwide accompanied by animated video.

1981 MAY
Tour of Japan opening with five songs for Talking Heads using Talking Heads musicians Bernie Worrell (keys), Steve Scales (percussion), Adrian Belew (guitar) and Lauri and Lani Weymouth on vocals with Tina (bass) and Hris (drums).

Tour of UK and Europe (with Tyrone Downie on keys in stead of Bernie Worrell).

Recorded second LP "Close to the Bone" with Alex Weir and Monte Browne (guitars), Chris (drums and vocals), Tina (bass, keys and vocals), Laura and Lani (vocals), Steve Scales (persuccion), Raymond Jones (keys), Steven Stanley (engeneer and keys), Rupert Hinc (synth-bass on the song 'On The Line Again').

Released 'Close To The Bone' LP with first single 'Pleasure Of Love', accompanied by video.

Released second single 'The Man With The 4-Way Hips'.

Recorded two instrumental tracks for film 'Siesta', one of which became 'Challenge Of The Love Warriors' from third LP "Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom" with Wally Badarou (synclavier), Chris (drums), Tina and Laura (breaths), Steven Stanley (engineer). Began recording basic tracks for third LP.

Moved to New York to continue recording basic tracks with Chris (drums, percussion and vocals), Mark Roule (guitars and percussion), Steve Scales (additional percussion), Eddie Martinez and Glenn Rosenstein (guitars on 'Born To Love' only), Jay Berliner (Spanish guitar on 'Broken Promises'). Finished recording 'Devil, Does Your Dog Bite ?' which had begun in January for the film 'Married To The Mob', released in August 1988.

Ten days to record and mix 'Don't Say No' and 'Femme Fatale', Chris, Tina, Mark and Laura joined on 'Femme Fatale' by Lou Reed (guitar and vocals), Jerry Harrison (keys and vocals) and David Byrne (guitar and vocals).

Finished recording and mixing 'Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom'.

Releasing first single 'Don't Say No' on new label (Phonogram), accompanied by video showing current touring club members Chris Frantz (drums), Tina Weymouth (bass and vocals) and Mark Roule (guitar). Not shown is newest Club member Gary Pozner (keys) who had not joined at the time of filming.

Plan release of third LP 'Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom'. Chris, Tina, Mark and Gary start playing extended club date at CBGB's, New York.

Toured clubs in UK and Europe.

Toured clubs in the US in the Escape from New York Tour, along with Deborah Harry, Jerry Harrison and The Ramones

1992 JUNE
Released the album 'Dark Sneak Love Action' in the US. Two singles were taken off this album and released on CDsingle and 12" containing a bunch of funky remixes: 'You Sexy Thing' (a cover of the hot Chocolate song) and 'Sunshine and Ecstacy'

Started recording new material with several guest singers and musicians.

Tom Tom Club did a small tour in the North-East of the USA with Charles Pettigrew, Bruce Martin, Steve Scales and Robby Aceto.

Preperations to release a best of album called "Return of the Genius", with classic Tom Tom Club tunes and four new tracks. Due to several problems with lost tapes and record companies, "Return of the Genius" never came out.

2000 MAY
Tom Tom Club contributes a cover of Donna Summer's "Love to Love you Baby" to the Georgio Moroder tribute album.

2000 JULY
Advance copies of the new album "The Good the Bad and the Funky" change peoples lifes. And this is only just the beginning... On September 12 the album will be officially released, and Tom Tom Club is better than ever!

The band will tour through the USA with Mystic Bowie as temporary singer. Stay tuned for tour dates !