Toadies - Broke Down Stupid

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Sorry. Sorry.

I know sometimes I act shitty.

sorry sorry

can i make it good again?

Never has a more pathetic creature hung his drunken head,

and say I'm sorry more convincing.

Never has a more pathetic creature been tormented such as this

I'm piss drunk broke down stupid.

And I hang my head out the window

??and wash off all the spit-up off my face??

I wonder if I'd wind up on your pillow

why's my head feel this way?

broke down stupid

Right from my stomach comes,

the worst of what I have become.

My own ?cum? turns against me

i can taste it.

Right up from the pits of hell,

a demon with a stinging tail,

sits on my shoulder giving console!

And I shame my lips on the right words

the telephone is a heaven in my hand?

wait for strength to steady these nerves

make my body well again



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