To Elysium

To Elysium - Dana In Darkness

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[This I wrote when I lost my grandfather and a friend shortly after each other. I imagined the whole world being mournful, and it was. Cycles, all these fucking cycles. Death depresses me, but I always come out stronger, it makes me aware of the beauty it holds.]

Dana lies in darkness

Embrace after embrace

Dana lies in darkness

Time and again

None the less and all the more

We're in need of an excuse

Like the need for harbour

After a breathtaking voyage

Someone save me

Someone save us all

And here we are equal

Naked and of no concern

Here we all are lovers

In the hands of ourselves

The spirits

The gods

Slowly we move

Slowly we proceed

Slowly we grow to understand

Nobody goes the distance

As the day starts without the sun

No one's alone but on his own

When freedom is a need of nothing

Where would the birds fly

To transcend the limits of the sky?

Where would you go

To transcend the place which holds you?

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