To Elysium

To Elysium started out in 2000, from a clear concept a band was formed. Skilled musicians performing compact and catchy songs combining different styles of music. The arrangements capture a great atmosphere, tight rhythms, flashy solo’s, crossfire riffing, beautiful female vocals and strong male grunts.

To Elysium means ‘to the pleasure-ground’. A report of this wonderful and painful journey is given in the lyrics.

To Elysium signs to Cold Blood Industries on grounds of their demo. In 2002 the first full-lenght is released. The album is rewarded with 80 out of 100 points in both Aardschok and RockHard, just to indicate.
At the moment the band is in the process of composing and recording the follow-up, due to be released in a few months.

To Elysium is a solid live-act by talent and by experience. Festivals as well as clubshows are delivered with outstanding quality, intensity and creativity.

The wealthy gothic-metal scene of The Netherlands has to deal with its most savage hybrid... To Elysium.

“Collision course” demo 2000
“Dearest Vile” cd 2002