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Timo Tolkki - Sadness of the world lyrics

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"Isn't it beautiful here"?

I often come here to watch the sunsets

It is so beautiful and silent here always

It almost makes me think there must be something more

'Cause the beauty sometimes almost makes me cry

But I noticed you've already cried, my dear

It ain't easy the road that you've been travelling

But that bottle you try to hide is not the answer either

You can run but you can't hide from your fate


I have bathed in Autumn rain entwining winter snow

I have kissed Spring blossoms in the Summer rain

But the tears of the ocean echo shadows in my soul

Cradled in my heart


You will understand the things I say one day

I know that you have suffered much in your life

I know about your father and mother too

There are many things I've come to tell you

Do you know you have a heart of gold

And I can see the light shine in your eyes

You know the meaning of the pain

You have the sadness of the world in your eyes

In your eyes


"Would you like to come over for a cup of coffee?

How's tomorrow for you? It's cabin number 3 at 7&quot;<br />

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