Tiamat - The Malicious Paradise lyrics

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He comes at night when the moon is worshipped

A living evil on golden wings

He comes to take me to the abandoned land

The land where darkness is ablazed

A leap in the dark, a step into the forgotten

through the gates of the betrayal breeze

I know that the time has come for me

...My soul is given to the shadows


He comes to bring your soul to where it belongs

He will give you the dark and black


A ghastly scream from an inhuman shape

and your body is layed to rest

A giant evil inside your soul

will take you to the malicious paradise

[repeat ch.]

I glorify my gloomy fate

as I reach the point of sins

I glorify the land of the dark,

the place where I am one

I deny the faith of christ

'cause I have seen the truth

The truth is evil, dark and black

and the evil is for all of us



[repeat ch.]

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