Tiamat - Nocturnal Funeral lyrics

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In the fields of death at an hour of destruction the wind blew cold

A vast field of tombstones and cenotaphs all moisture-stained

As I walked across the field I noticed a human circle formation

Standing at the edge of a yet uncovered grave deep in mourn


Buried and forgotten

In the dark and cold

In the moisty ground

Burial at night


In the name of the father, the son and the antichrist

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust to reign in death

From the innermost depths of the open sepulcher

I heard a human cry for life and freedom


"I was mortal but I am fiend, I was merciless

My teeth shatter as I speak to you

yet it's not with the chilliness of the night

but this hideousness is insufferable"


That deep, hollow, inhuman voice echoed

Echoed down from the pits of the uncovered grave

The former human voice was now transformed

The former human voice is now the voice of the fiend



Behold the vast formations of a funeral in the dark

Behold with fear the signs after a nocturnal funeral

[repeat bridg]

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