Tiamat - Love In Chains lyrics

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I shout and call for rejoicing

I hear the sound of angel wings

Escape us as we close the ring

And into the fire we will fall

Our desire, our flame, our call

So be it, once for all

And you are the dream and I am the lie

I am the Devil and you are my disguise

I'm all the pain you always tried to keep inside

Love in chains

We break free

There is a time

For you and me

Not today

Not tomorrow

But one day our sorrow

Shall go away

All our being is spellbound

A black magic hellhound

Let us have another round for our love

Many hours we shall wait

But it will never be to late

In life or death we'll intergrate one day

Trough rain and stormy weather

Shall always be together

Together here forever


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