Tiamat - I Am The King (Of Dreams) lyrics

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In the heat of the night

I went to forever walk

in the obscure eternity.

Through woods and thickets,

over mountains and through valleys.

I left my body this evening

and forever I will now live.

Curious I travelled through an unknown land,

like an angel that had recently learned to fly.

I left my fear with my body

and with the ravens I flew

on a road, of bleeding clouds, that never seemed to end.

As the road suddenly divided

I heard the ravens whisper:

"Please come, fly with us! Please come, fly with us!"

Confused and insecure I stopped for a while

and beheld the ravens disappear.

Then I heard a voice from the other road:

"This is the path to the golden land!

Come my friend, take my hand!"

But an uncontrolled voice deep in my soul

screamed out: "I'll go my own way!"

and straight ahead I flew, to continue my voyage

and my search of the land of eternity.

On the road I chose to go

I saw no other men..., 'cause it was my own imagined road

and I was alone to face its destination.

What I saw around me were things I love.

Things that I built with my heart, deep in myself.

The temples I passed were my temples

and the queen that welcomed me was my queen.

My voyage was ended, and surrounded by the most

beautiful flowers I stood beholding my kingdom

I would rule in all the future to come.

As the dawn of the morning swept through my dreamland

to adorn the leafs of the golden trees with dew

and to bring me eternal light, I thought:

"A life is only worth living for a king..."

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