Tiamat - Altar Flame lyrics

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A silent secret

of unfathomed darkness

Uncounted years

Within the temple walls

Lightened up by the moon

It's pale walls cold

Entrance not allowed

Guarded by invisible evil


Rising above the trees

High out of the mist

Dead for many years

A temple in the dark

Approaching the temple

from surrounding forests

In a window I saw

an altar flame aglow

In the primal shrine

Moist and dust

Untouched for centuries

Ancient bible scripts

Phosphorescent glow

Reflects in the mould

Flickering radiance

Inside the dead halls


Echoing inside the church

Unreal chants

Just sheer delusion

of a sickening mind

Extravagant visions

Chaotic incidents

Dare I enter

my disposable grave?


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