Tiamat - A Pocket Size Sun lyrics

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I came so close, so near

That I almost got out of my shell

When a pink coloured vision did appear

A girl with something to sell

The girl offered me a pocket size sun

I beheld its innocent smile

She said "If you wanna have fun,

It will take you to heaven for awhile"

An inch from the blue skies ceiling

I was touched by her careful fingertips

With the sun we shared our feelings

And I finally kissed her ruby lips

She started to sing a lullaby

Origined from ancient Senoi

"In dream's realm can no one die

Sleep safe my little boy"

The sun cut my eyes like a dropblade

Drew elseworlds in the sand

My memories began to fade

And did suddenly slip through my hands

In the sand I found two wonderful shells

As Like as two peas

And I thought I could hear the sound of bluebells

Behind the roaring seven seas...

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